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So you are interested in getting more local sales..well welcome to your # 1 source for Google Places of Michigan Help-Tips

First things first.. Is your site Mobile ready? what does that mean well let me explain. When Google Local is triggered it is often triggering businesses that are in a certain catagory that the prospective customer is searching for. For example

"RESTARAUNT NEAR LANSING MI" in this case the customer is searching for something to eat. Google will display several listings and the order is in proximaty closest to the searcher. You will see many listings and ones with websites... if you were to click on that website from your phone is it viewable or is it kinda basic... in any case you want your site to be optimized to show a good clean mobile version of your site. you will get more traffic from a properly structered web sites on all plateforms /Mobile phones-Tablets-etc

How does Google Local effect my Business?

Google Local Effects your company in many ways but in 2 Main ways. If you are not on Google Places your local searching customers will not find you period.. It is imperative that you create a strong Google Local presence and optimize it. This will put you first page for your business. 

I have seen expedential growth in small companys using this service. 


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